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A platform to manage streams of data from the Internet of things, a simple version based on Arduino that anyone can use.


Features - dataino.it


An Easy Interface for the Internet of Things based on Arduino.

19 Gauge

Dynamic, real time UIs. Real life happens in real time. Gauges provides the user interfaces to keep up.

Arduino code Generetor

The Code Generator convert a "dataino.it" dashboard definition into Arduino compatible code (C++)

LoRa Connect

With modems LoRa can connect your IoT to more than 10Km away, dataino.it has a special function to create gateways to collect broadcasts

Chart Map and Table Gauge

Adding a Chart or Table to the Log Monitoring Dashboard.

Drag & Drop

Thanks to drag and drop gauge, you can create an exciting dashboard.

4 in 1

The four types of connection interact all on the same desk, and can communicate with each other.

USB connect

Communicate with Arduino via HTML and "dataino.it" which is my experimental Chrome App framework.

Network Connect

"dataino.it" using mqtt and web socket is smart way to interact with ‘Internet-enabled’ devices (basically Arduino + sensors, LEDs + Ethernet shield combinations) through a web interface.

WiFi Connect

As network connect but using esp8266 module , nodemcu, fishino


Explore the code


The self-generation of code is in four versions : USB , LoRa (whith gateway) WiFi, and Network versions speeds up the creation of the interface and few seconds the interface is ready to receive data and send commands.

Code example


Arduino code Generetor

The Code Generator convert a "dataino.it" dashboard definition into Arduino compatible code (C++)

[+] Code for Arduino via USB
[+] Code for Arduino via LoRa modem
[+] Code for Arduino via Network shield
[+] Code ESP8266 boards
[+] Code for Fishino

2 Library

The two libraries simplify the code

[+] dataino-lan-wifi ( download )
[+] dataino-lora ( download )

LoRa modem- Gateway code

The code is also generated to turn your Arduino into a concentrator for IoT LoRa, allowing you to control and receive values up to 10Km.




The interface with gauge controllers and measurements.

Active Gauges

Data Gauges

Special Function Gauges

[-]|..:| LOG |:..|






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